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Archive of articles written by Fabian Dee predominantly circa 2004 to 2010, on a variety of topics including NLP, Personal Development, Psychology, Philosophy, Christianity, Spirituality and the Occult. Some of these articles may not reflect the author's current thinking although have been edited multiple times to eliminate inaccuracies and errors as much as possible. Click on the links on the left to see a drop list of topics in each category. All new articles are listed below.

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My Conversion to Christianity & Subsequent Rethink

Christian Testimony - Part 1
Introduction, Exposure to Christianity, Conversion to Christianity, Life as a Christian, Christian Conspiracy Theorist & Religious Studies, Energy Healing and Left Hand Path

Christian Testimony - Part 2
Delusional Disorder & Aftermath

Christian Testimony - Part 3


Reiki & Other Healing Modalities

Reiki - Distance vs In Person Attunements

History of 'Sai Baba' Reiki

Guest Writer Articles

Writers' essays on various occult subjects

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