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Satanism and the Far Right - Part 2

Order of Nine Angles and inspired organisations
The Joy of Satan Ministries

Last Updated: 5 July 2024  

The Order of Nine Angles

I discuss the writing of this 'Satanism and the Far Right' article and my sources, particularly the section on the Order of Nine Angles (ONA or O9A), on the Testimony page.

The ONA was an Anarchic/Extreme Right Wing/Neo-Darwinist, Traditional, Polytheistic, Satanic group, based in York in the UK, consisting of perhaps less than half a dozen core members. They were active in the 1980s and 1990s, had involvement with the National Socialist Movement (NSM), and produced a number of books and a Tarot Card set. Whilst various claims exist about the origins of the ONA, no record of the ONA exists before 1972.

It was in 1972 that David Myatt, using the nom de plum and pseudonym 'Anton Long', perhaps a parody of Anton LaVey's name, is alleged to have written the first version of the book NAOS, outlining the concepts of the Sinister Tradition and the Sevenfold Way, and the basics of Aeonic Magic (Five Dimensional Sorcery). Myatt's style of Traditional Satanism was very much concerned with earth-bound existence (i.e. not Gnostic) and magic, with the magical emphasis on ritual magic. This was before the formation of the Temple of Set which was formed in 1975, breaking away from the Church of Satan. Prior to writing NOAS he was a member of the Temple of the Sun, an allegedly Traditional Satanist group. It is highly likely that Anton Long was influenced by the Church of Satan during those years, having moved away from the Golden Dawn tradition, but in the early 70s was inspired to produce NAOS as an antithesis to the 'safe' and arguably humanist form of atheistic and Ayan Rand inspired, hedonistic Satanism that was described in Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible and as defined by the Church of Satan organisation. The ONA, identifying itself with 'Traditional Satanism' (meaning Theistic Satanism), in some respects could be seen as a reaction against the Church of Satan, much in the same way that the Church of Satan in many respects was a reaction against Christianity.

Whether the ONA really existed beyond Anton Long and Christos Beest, the two core members who were most active and prolific in the 80s and 90s, is a matter of debate. The organisation or collective arguably ceased to exist in the late 90s after Beest ceased his involvement and Myatt claimed to have converted to Islam. The ONA had/has no real structure, or central authority, but contains a number of indepedent 'cells' or local groups, inspired by Long's writings. The concept of local Sinister Tribes, each with their own currents and values, gaining local power 'anarchically' in defiance of authority, is a central theme within and goal of the ONA. How to self-initiate into the Sinister Tradition was set out in earlier works - there was essentially no centralised management. It was not meant to be a formal, rigid top down organisation like the Church of Satan or Temple of Set, but more anarchical. However, the ONA writings increasingly inspired a number of Sinister Satanists, especially from around 2000 onwards, in the internet era with easy access to Long and Beest's documents and books. Some of these Satanists went on to become active bloggers themselves and collaborate with Long and Beest on various projects, e.g. WSA352 and Temple of THEM, whereas others were not on speaking terms and took things in a different direction, e.g. Tempel ov Blood. Some of these local Nexions seemed to consist of a few core individuals, whereas others like THEM seemed to be one individual who collaborated with others in a creative sense remotely. From what I can gather, none of these ever quite achieved the notoriety or were quite so politically or criminally active (if at all) as Long, and this is probably why he remained the figurehead of the ONA collective for 4 decades or so, arguably even resulting in excessive hero worshipping from ONA affiliates. ONA affiliates would use multiple pseudonyms (or sock puppets) and often tell half truths to create a puzzle or a layer of mystique to invite people to use their senses to figure it out, or perhaps as a smokescreen to confuse those not in the know. Anton Long / David Myatt formally retired from the ONA around 2010, and the 'organisation' still continues on, with various Long-inspired groups, some of which evolve the older writings and add their own ideas into the current. Since then all on line material has been centralised, including a new O9A.org web site, and all of the most well known individual Wordpress ONA blog sites have closed down.

The Order of Nine Angles web site is listed below.


The ONA have adopted their own calendar using the 'Year or Fayen' rather than the Christian AD calendar and sign their blogs with their initiate name or pseudonym and the Fayen year. This Calendar is based around the birth year of Adolf Hitler (20th April 1889), rather than the Christian Calendar based around the birth year of Christ. 1889 is thus Year of Fayen 1, and 2010 is Year of Fayen 121. I am uncertain whether the ONA Calendar years start on 20th April or 1st January. Year of Fayen is often abbreviated by the ONA to 'yf'.

Wikipedia's description of the ONA can be found at the link below.


'The ONA's writings condone and encourage human sacrifice as a means of eliminating the weak: Anton Long describes it as "a contribution to improving the human stock, removing the worthless, the weak, the diseased (in terms of character)". This "culling" serves not just a Darwinian purpose, but is also connected to the promotion of a new Aeon: "The change that is necessary means that there must be a culling, or many cullings, which remove the worthless and those detrimental to further evolution." Thus, true Satanism, they assert, requires venturing into the realm of the forbidden and illegal, in order to make contact with the "sphere of acausal, sinister forces on the cosmos." The presencing of acausal energies, such as through culling, is meant to create a new Aeon, whose energies will then create a newer, higher civilization from the energy unleashed. Probably because of the ONA's highly radical stance, there is open animosity between the ONA and "mainstream" Satanists such as the Church of Satan. The ONA publicly disavows any connection to Church of Satan, claiming the Satanic Bible to be a "watered-down philosophy". The ONA eschews the religious type of approach evident in groups such as the Temple of Set and regards other Satanic groups, such as the Church of Satan, with contempt. The Temple of Set proscribed the ONA in the early 1980s for its avowal of human sacrifice.'

Not a great deal is known about the ONA practice of human sacrifice, and many readers might consider it merely to be psychodrama and a way of de-conditioning oneself without actually having to do it, unless provoked. Few are likely to talk about specifics of culling and I doubt whether any has actually been practised as intended - bar a few fatalities resulting from arguments with the wrong person that got out of hand. Those Sinister Satanists who are in the Military however will get to legally kill as part of their job and acting out the predatory side of their nature, depending on what their specialty is and what unit they are in. So this profession may well attract many hardcore Satanists, not exclusively the ONA affiliated ones. I don't think it could be considered ritual killing however and there is little choice over targets - and one is the property of the Military for the duration arguably.

Myatt/Long has been highly critical of the Temple of Set and the Church of Satan as being pseudo-Satanism with firm codes of conduct about culling that suggest they are not really Satanist at all. The ONA has various texts on the practice of culling. Perhaps Long was inspired by the 1973 movie, The Wicker Man, a tale of a back to basics pagan community which makes a human sacrifice to ensure good harvests. This can be seen as slightly different from a Satanist style sacrifice which is performed for some other reason, the gaining of some other power. To what extent it is just 'talk' to be more extreme or outdo other Satanic groups is hard to determine.

Whilst the CoS and the TOS deny being bound by moral codes, they in actually do hold certain moral values. However, this is perhaps more an inconsistency of presentation and a management issue than necessarily a flaw in the underlying philosophy they propose. Even the ONA display elements of a system or code of warrior-like honour, which is arguably a different concept, but it is still a form of morality or set of rules.

Sociopathy or psychopathy is in the context of the Sinister Path an act of liberation of the self. However, uncontrolled or undiscplined actions could be regarded as detrimental to the self. Excessive uncontrolled sociopathy and psychopathy under the rule of a criminal, materialistic organisation may in some senses be at odds with the essence of the Sinister Path. The ONA has been described by one hanger on as a factory that produces serial killers. One could of course look at the perspective of the Sinister from a perspective of empathy, the 'dark' or 'Sinister' being an exploration of consciousness.

The ONA writings place a great deal of importance on self-reliance and physical fitness and conditioning. To be the 'fittest' in the Darwinian sense.

The ONA's penchant for National Socialist philosophy or practice can be seen perhaps as a symptom of the 'Magian', or 'Abrahamic', in so far as the quest to purge society of 'evils' (be they slightly different 'evils' than those of the Bible) and indeed Hitler as described in the Temple 88 writings is portrayed as a type of Messianic figure or prophet, is in a sense Magian. Hitler was arguably heavily influenced by Aryan Christianity, although he was too influenced by other traditions such as Theosophy etc. Myatt's antisemitism could be viewed in the cultural and historical context of many centuries of Catholic and Protestant persecution of Jews as 'Christ Killers'. This is examined on the Interpretations of Christianity and Biblical Concepts page. Over the year's Myatt's influence on the plethora of Sinister and Sinister inspired Satanist groups cannot be underestimated, and for some groups, Myatt has become a visionary or 'prophet', perhaps not a role he has chosen, which has a distinct Magian notion about it. Myatt has perhaps exacerbated this with the myths and mystery about his person.

DarkLogos postulates that Column 88, the Neo-Nazi paramilitary group that David Myatt was involved with before he was arrested and later joined Combat 18, was created by MI5 in order to discredit the British National Party (BNP) and to attract the most extreme members so they could be monitored in one place; Myatt being nothing more than an MI5 puppet. However, this has never conclusively been proven.


Myatt's was involved in Combat 18 once he was released from prison.

Source: Rijndaal

Combat 18 (or C18) is the "armed wing" of the British neo-Nazi organisation Blood & Honour. The "18" in its name is commonly used by neo-Nazi groups, and is derived from the initials of Adolf Hitler; A and H are the first and eighth letters of the Latin alphabet. Members of Combat 18 are barred from joining the British Prison Service. The Combat 18 logo is based on the Totenkopf of the 3rd SS Division. The numbers 88 are also used in conjunction with Neo-Nazi groups, signifying 'Heil Hitler' (i.e. H being the 8th letter of the alphabet). Although 'boneheads' can count upto 10, most cannot spell very well, especially in German, so use 88 in short.


Nick Ryan's article on Neo-Nazism, including references to Satanism and the ONA, can be found below.


An interview of C18, including David Myatt, by Nick Ryan can be found below.


Myatt was unlike the other Combat 18 members, as he was not a 'football casual'. Unlike most far right supporters, who are National Socialists of one type or another, are fundamentally pro-industrialisation. Myatt conversely is generally known to be anti-industrialisation and for more grass roots type rustic Aryan ideal. In addition, Combat 18 and other far right organisations are generally intolerant of those religions, beliefs or practices that are not considered to be 'typically British', which includes anything other than nominal Protestantism, even if the members in question haven't been near a church or Bible in their life. Islam is particularly detested, and it is likely that most Satanists are also not liked either, as they may not share the same vision for British culture. Myatt, assuming he was Anton Long, which is generally accepted, therefore kept quiet and denied being a Satanist during this period, as he still does today, as being a Satanist whilst trying to be accepted by British National Socialist Paramilitary members is not really possible. As discussed at the end of this Far Right section, a Satanist Neo-Nazis are a non-conformist minority that are not generally accepted by the mainstream majority of the Far Right movement.

Myatt was exposed as being Anton Long and the head of the ONA by Nick Lowles and Nick Ryan, as discussed below, which causes him considerable problems in Combat 18, and even though he denied the allegations and challenged both writers to a duel, the damage had been done and this is likely why he was forced to leave Combat 18 and his other Far Right groups, and continue his contributions to the far right anonymously.

ONA writings known as 'Temple 88' are explicitly National Socialist and Neo-Nazi, Aryan Satanic. Their web site has changed address and been taken down a number of times, perhaps through legal action, ISP policy, or though lack of money or will. The old Temple 88 web site can be downloaded at the link below, where their agenda and ideas are explicitly stated. Although no references are made to the authorship or the ONA, these writings are widely attributed to David Myatt, and contain Neo-Nazi populist and Occult references, citing the meth-amphetamine addicted Austian Immigant Adolf Hitler as a spiritual leader (in line with the ONA Calendar based on his birth) and National Socialism as a religion and way of life, a model for living in all aspects of life.


Myatt's Temple 88 writings were probably directed at occultists familiar with the ONA who had racist and white supremacist leanings. It is unlikely he was just offering a choice of racist ideology to Satanists and not embracing it himself, although this might just be one of an arsenal of Sinister tools he likes to use. There are inconsistencies however between the Temple 88 writings and documented personal tastes of his mild-mannered scholar persona, in that his favourite music is classical music (according to that persona) yet in the Temple 88 writings he says that 1930s style marching music is the only authentic music for Aryans - was he pandering to the audience as to what they wanted to hear or was this just one of his many personas? Whilst the Temple 88 writings make some valid points, the qualities they espouse are given racial attributes and I do not rate Adolf Hitler very highly, although he did make some powerful and attractive looking symbols, probably one of the reasons why he is so popular today with many Satanists and White Supremacists.

This Swastika-style logo is used by many ONA members and affiliates and at least one ONA Yahoo group.

Quoting from the former blog site 'aboutmyatt':

Another demonstration of the convergence of fascism and occultism is found in the ONA's Temple 88, which is described as an instantiation of the "aryanist and national-socialist ideas/ideals of the Order of Nine Angles." The writings of "Temple 88" are recommended for higher initiates, having "reached the seventh stage (Saturn) of the septenary Tree of Wyrd," who are "assumed to be able to judge and understand why the usage of national-socialism and aryanism is implemented in the Order of Nine Angles ideological structure."

The book 'Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity' by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke examines Neo-Nazism as a new religious movement.



The name Temple 88 has now been adopted/copied by an unrelated American white supremacist group aka Ordo Dracul which do not seem to mention the original Temple 88.


The ONA also had an alliance of sorts with White Order of Thule (WOT), a Nordic pagan Neo-Nazi organisation, who had Satanic overtones. The name is a thrown back to the neo-pagan and mystical Thule Society of 1920s Germany that Hitler was briefly associated with (briefly examined
below. WOT members were involved in Neo-Nazi terrorism in 2002, plotting to blow up landmarks associated with Jews and Afro-Americans.



'In an interview published in The Heretic 8, Christos Beest...describes National Socialism as "a fundamental expression of the Wyrd of the Western Soul...It is true to say that National-Socialism is an expression of Satanism (and vice-versa)"

Christos Beest also makes various references to Neo-Nazism in his books and poetry published (and interviews) under the name of the Order of Nine Angles. However, although the ONA claim that these only represent his own personal opinions. It was stated by one ONA Nexion Blogger Black Radley that Beest once organised a meeting between anarchists and Neo-Nazis to try to establish some common ground for revolution. The author wrote that it was a lively and interesting meeting, although nothing came of it, and I don't doubt that!

Stephen Bernard Cox founded an ONA Nexion, the Order of Jarls Baelder (OJB), in 1990, a pro-Aryan pagan organisation, featuring Fraternitas Loki (FL) and the masculine and feminine orders Dark Earth Sisters and Shadow Fire Brothers. The OJB is reputed to be non-racial and admit female and homosexual members. It was renamed to Arktion Federation in 1998 and was dissolved in 2005 when Cox retired on account of health reasons. It used the broken curved arm swastika as its symbol (similar to that of The White Order of Thule or Myatt's Temple 88 logo) and was classified as fascist Satanism by Partridge, although Cox contests this. Cox was a former Freemason. The OJB is described on p.38 of Jacob Senholt's book.



'Michael Ford was granted the Order of Nine Angles command by Christos Beest in 1996, from which Ford operated until 1998 in Indianapolis. Ford left the active ONA due to what he has described as its Neo-Fascist stance and political ideals, which in his view are not an inherent part of Magick or Satanism.'


It is likely Michael Ford's command or anyone else who was associated with it, if applicable, ceased involvement formally with the ONA after this time.

'River Isis Nexion', a likely pseudonym for Myatt, wrote on the ONA Wordpress site about Christos Beest. 'He' alleges that Christos Beest was a 'rather silly pseudonym' for the Shropshire-based composer Richard Moult. Moult was involved in the ONA for nearly 10 years, from 1989 until the late 1990s. Moult never passed the grade of Internal Adept. Moult was allegedly only involved with David Myatt's The National Socialist Movement, and Reichsfolk, for a short period of time, during the 1990s. In 1998, Moult ceased his involvement with the ONA and far right politics to concentrate on his music and art, and later claimed to have become a Christian.


Whilst Wikipedia dates David Myatt's alleged public conversion to Islam as 1998, various ONA blog sites cited it as being 2001. Myatt has recently deleted his Islamic web site, presumably after his official rejection of the Islamic faith and his more public pagan direction.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Myatt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Myatt

DarkLogos wrote on his former ONA wordpress blog site that Myatt wrote for the ONA from the 1980s onwards, and continued to do so even after his 'conversion' to Islam in 1999. He actually continued to release his Neo-Nazi material to Far Right magazines until 2000. DL states that his ONA writings under the pseudonym 'Anton Long' are more voluminous than his Islamic writings, and that his conversion to Islam was an excuse to further his anti-semitic goals and promote terrorism and anything that threatens the order of modern Westernised society and democracy. DarkLogos provides a timeline for all of Myatt's activities.

Most of the on line activities of the ONA only really came about at the turn of the Millennium, and Myatt has continued to be active privately on the various ONA blog sites and also in Far Right forums and in Neo-Nazi writings whilst publicly playing his Muslim extremist role or showing that part of his persona.

Myatt had been in visiting Egypt prior to his conversion, and had praised Islamic extremists for their warrior code, many of whom had praised Adolf Hitler, just as Myatt had done. Whilst he may have alienated some of his former associates in the British Far Right, who hated Islam, his move to Islam was still in keep with his warrior ethics and penchant for expressing the sinister in terms of antisemitism. Some Satanists have taken a dim view of Myatt's activities, especially his newly found Islamic fundamentalism, as although some Satanists may have supported his Far Right Pro-Aryan stance, but from the perspective of Western Industrialisation and Satanism combined, many are perhaps now turned off by Islamic Fundamentalism, which for many Americans, is their main enemy. Grandmaster Blackwood of the Temples of Satan, with whom Myatt has an internet flame war going, dismisses Myatt simply as a terrorist going from one flavour of terrorism to another, and unpatriotic to his own country and also to Americans. However, one could argue that Myatt has done his time in prison for the crimes which he was connected with, and is not currently under police investigation. Whilst his Islamic fundamentalist stance may catch up with him, one could argue that he is not currently a terrorist but merely is 'socially irresponsible'.

In one issue of the ONA pdf journal Fenrir, I read a chaos magic-style ritual describing the use of Jihadic chants and the firing of an AK-47 to evoke the spirit of Jihad and its Sinister elements, albeit with Monotheistic language. This is an example of the formlessness of ONA magic. The author of this article is not known but it is likely to have been Anton Long.

Some would argue that Fundamentalist Islam is a more effective vehicle for the extreme right and terrorism than Christianity. One could however argue that whilst Myatt may be leveraging certain Sinister aspects of Fundamentalist Islam, ultimately, if it was/is successful then he merely uproots one monotheistic culture with another that although slightly more Sinister, is far removed from a Satanic ideal, and is arguably harder to uproot than Christianity (which in the West is losing ground to secularism and the New Age). One could argue the same about the use of Neo-Nazism, as the end result may be even further removed from what one actually wants. This is the problem with vehicles that don't quite fit but serve a purpose to challenge the existing power base. They may well be most successful if they are unsuccessful, to apply pressure and to 'balance'/evolve society rather than to ultimately succeed in their stated goal.

From 2010, David Myatt disavowed Islam and is solely publicly embracing his Numinous Way philosophy. This philosophy was run in parallel to Myatt's muslim stance and web site. Myatt's own web site discusses the Numinous Way, and which is also briefly summarised on Wikipedia.



A discussion of David Myatt, the ONA and his public conversion to Islam is discussed on the 600 Club forum at the link below. Member 'birdstrike' believes that Myatt uses 'lesser magic' to present himself to people in various forms they can understand or allow him self-expression. One member 'Amina' believes it is likely that Myatt has used Satanism as much as he has used Islam, to use different vehicles to recruit people to his racist and anti-society cause.


To understand David Myatt, and his involvement with Combat 18 (the extreme right wing paramilitary organisation) and Fundamentalist Islam, it is important to note that these are embodiments of the Sinister Tradition and in some respects vehicles for his enacting of the Sinister Tradition as defined by the ONA in the world and his own anti-semitic and homophobic/sexist ideology (which could just be his own expression of the Sinister), using whichever vehicle best suits him at the time. Myatt seems to have many different facets to his personality and leads an 'official' visible existence (as a Neo-Nazi and Islamic fundamentalist) as well as a private one or one using pseudonyms. One could argue that these right wing terrorist movements are amongst the few outside of gang culture that embody the kind of brutal, Darwinist and sinister and anti-establishment elements that are genuinely threatening to middle classed, western society.

It would appear that the ONA as it exists today is not a Neo-Nazi network or collective per se, but one that merely condones Neo-Nazi activity as they condone any type of violent extremism that seeks to oppose moderate western society in its current form. The ONA has a large catalogue of works and does offer Aryanism teachings to those that wish to pursue this, but which is not strictly necessary within the order, or required. It is important to try to separate the activities and writings of David Myatt the white supremacist from David Myatt the pagan and indeed Anton Long the occultist. Whilst the Aeonic Magic and Sevenfold Path of the ONA is non-political, it does have extremist Neo-Darwinist elements. The ONA does allude to National Socialism being the path to destroying the 'Magian' order, but refers to 'real' National Socialism rather than the racist version seen in popular culture and history. The various ONA writings on National Socialism are slightly inconsistent from my perspective.

Chloe of the WSA352, whilst praising Myatt has repeatedly publicly criticised his racial writings, although she and others at the WSA352 have still promoted Neo-Nazism, amongst other forms of violent resistance and social ordering, such as gang culture, in their blogs. The Neo-Nazi movement in the US is more gang oriented than it is in Europe, but this may perhaps have influenced the WSA352's preference for promoting gang culture.

Ryan Anschauung, the writer and author who uses the moniker 'Temple of Them' and 'Mvimaedivm' has written in the past that he promotes Aryanism but in a cultural sense, as a cultural-magickal identity, rather than strictly in the racial sense. This type of recreationist Aryanism is meant largely for White Caucasians and their cultural heritage, but it is inclusive (perhaps loose racialism) and anyone of any 'race' can adopt the philosophy and promote the cause and identity. Ryan has also written well of Adolf Hitler in the past, presumably, but presumably in a Sinister and non-racial context.

Myatt's own writings are an interesting, eclectic and highly syncretic mixture of populism, group ethics and nationalistic style socialism on the one hand, and aggressive individualism and Satanic elitism on the other hand. A desire to do the work of warriors on the grass roots level but also to be part of a Satanic elite, presumably giving the orders or being dominant in a kind of Satanic Neo-Darwinist paradise. If one looks at the new breed of ONA-inspired orders, they all seem to have a group dynamic and national socialist bias, in the framework of Satanic individualism.

The Order of the Nine Angles, used to state that they are an anarchic 'group' or order. However, they state that Adepts may adopt extreme right wing or Neo-Nazi practices or philosophies, in their magical practice and otherwise, to suit their own purposes.

Evidently Myatt's changing of forms reflects his frequent changes of ideology and stances, so one can but speculate as to which are 'real' and sincere in the literal or normal sense and which are tools or vessels for promoting the Sinister in a magical sense. By most 'normal' logic, if you assist Neo-Nazi organisations, and promote their cause, you are effectively a Neo-Nazi whether you claim to really believe in it or not.

It is likely that in such extremist groups, and indeed in the more 'moderate' groups like the CoS, that people's political opinions and lifestyles are their own business, as they are there to become more powerful individuals in exacting their own will, whatever that might be. However, the political leanings of ONA members are likely to be more leaning towards the violent chaotic Neo-Darwinian and Extreme Right (not necessarily racist, although some may indeed be so - with exceptions).

Anton Long stated on the former ONANXS blog site that the ONA is not necessarily Neo-Nazi although it can be in a blog response to an earlier version of this article thus:

'The ONA is heretical and subversive, in both the practical and the esoteric sense. Therefore, whatever is heretical, in a particular period of human history, and whatever is or may be useful in a subversive way, we can, or may, or will, use. Some of our members and associates have, in the past, used the form of overt National Socialism, as others have used - and some still use - the ethical National-Socialism of NS groups such as Reichsfolk. Some others have also used that causal -ology that mundanes and other term fascism...Thus, if some of our members or associates want to identify with, or use, some form such as National Socialism, for whatever reason (exoteric or esoteric), that is their choice. If some of our members or associates believe in such an -ism or such an -ology, that is also their choice, which they are free, at liberty, to make. Their belief may or may not change, over causal time, and a result of their experiences, practical, and Occult. Or it may not. Their wyrd is their wyrd.'

One of the stated aims of the ONA and related groups, such as the former Tempel ov Blood, is/was to infiltrate other occult and religious groups as much as possible (the Magian), in order to dominate and/or disrupt them, to chaos anarchy and chaos and to potentially use them for Sinister purposes. Perhaps Myatt's own immersion in Christianity and Islam could be viewed in this context in certain respects. ONA affiliates tend to join every LHP forum on the internet and discuss the ONA on them and create ONA sub-groups within them, but these are not so much instances of infiltration (as they are open about who they are - unless they get banned and rejoin as sock puppets for a repeat performance) as domination. There are perhaps other Satanists who look to infiltrate other groups, such as in the example given below, and whether or not they are Sinister Satanists of the ONA tradition or not I could not say, but chances are that they are/were, as most other Satanist groups tend to have little interest in the RHP and if they look to 'attack' it then it is done openly and 'in your face'. There are of course many LHP practitioners who have varied interests and whom join other types of occult group, with a view to learn different types of magic or philosophy, in addition to what they do at home - here they are not disruptive and are merely looking to learn and get on with things like everyone else.

Below I describe an instance of Satanist infiltration that I heard about whilst in a Christian home group I was a member of in the mid 90s. It concerned another home group belonging to the same church, one of whose members a member of our home group knew. This source claimed that a Satanist girl had infiltrated his home group and acted convincingly like a learning Christian, speaking in tongues and worshipping etc. However, since she joined the home group, members claim that 'things started happening' of a chaotic nature and it freaked the group leader out so much he turned away from his evangelical Christian faith and became an atheist as he could not face up to what he believed was happening. The group disbanded shortly afterwards, the members not contacting this girl and I believe the 'disturbing activity' then ceased beyond the painful memories of what transpired. I heard that this girl had been coordinating some kind of occult attack on the group together with an unknown outsider/partner, although they never actually saw it being carried out by only experienced the effects. I did not hear any actual specifics on what actually transpired, so it could of course have been all in their minds and the timing coincidental, or entirely fictitious. The Christian perception of what constitutes a Satanist from their perspective may of course not necessary be an actual Satanist but other LHP or otherwise occult practitioner. I had heard from my home group leaders at the time I was told this story that our group was being strongly spiritually attacked, not by any individuals, but by the 'Devil'. This might suggest that the story was in fact highly exaggerated and might just be them blaming this particular outsider for their problems, but without any specifics it is hard to comment. I was experiencing spiritual conflict at the time, as I did throughout the early part of my Christian phase, so I think this is quite common. I suspect anyone who is engaging in any kind of 'hardcore' Christian spiritual activity would feel like that from a Jungian perspective, being attacked by his or her shadow that he is trying to suppress, trying to condition himself to remain in the 'zone'. The story served to strike fear into the hearts of everyone in my home group who heard it.

The vast majority of Satanists are not like this, and have better things to do with their time, but a small minority enjoy such pursuits. These are the type of Satanists to watch out for if one belongs to another other type of group that is not predatory Satanist in nature. It should be noted that whilst infiltration might work in groups that are dysfunctional or lacking in a real understanding and bonding with fellow members, it is much harder if not impossible to infiltrate organisations or groups that are tightly bonded, work in accordance and compliment one another, and who are comprised of highly evolved, self-actualised people, sensitive and aware of every type of vibration. Dysfunctional groups that are easy to infiltrate are typically those with no screening or interview process, that welcome any new members, no matter how emotionally imbalanced or inappropriate they are for the group in question. This may include some occult orders and also more evangelical Christian groups where they are just happy to accept new members. In monotheistic groups, members may focus on the worship and the appearance (or actuality) of embracing one side of the psyche, whilst perhaps not paying attention to the other half of the psyche as long as the feeling of the 'Godly' half is strong enough - the visible and usually limited spiritual vocabulary and standard expressions used - so it drowns out whatever else is lurking in the conscious or subconscious mind). This may be standard operating procedure for many Christians, who tend not to want to lift up the 'bonnet' and look too carefully inside at the other 'stuff' inside the subconscious. I once knew of a boy that pretended to be a Christian in order to hang out with a girl he fancied. In this case, he knew nothing of how Christians were expected to act and was 'sussed out' fairly quickly! In esoteric orders or religious groups where there is no screening process, they may well be subject to a large amount of internal conflict, neurosis, sociopathy, childish dramas and insanity present. If an individual is disruptive, then fellow members may try to save him from himself rather than just kick him out immediately. This is especially true for those groups or religions that want to convert the whole world, and if the individual does show some signs of genuine interest, even if they are totally divided, will still be given leeway, perhaps indefinitely, as long as they do not visibly cause trouble - depending on the congregation. This may give an infiltrating individual a little leeway and room to improve the subtlety and performance of his 'act' and provide more opportunities to cause magical trouble or otherwise.

Are most Sinister Satanists natural born actors? Whilst there is an emphasis on role play in such organisations, that is not to say that all such individuals are naturals. In some cases, if they are well known, a little detective work may reveal who they really are. Most actors on television and the movies can't act very well. If the person in question was once a Christian, then one can recall the memory of what it was like to be a Christian and the states of mind employed and how one acted, and use those for one's current persona when required. They might even enjoy it! The same goes for the other way around, in that ex-Satanists or ex-gang members may access the memories of what it was like to be that way and use it to infiltrate such organisations. One risk with such role playing is that in the weaker individual, it may change who they are and they may indeed slowly become more like the person they are pretending to be. Those with good sensory acuity should be able to sniff them out fairly easily. Whilst the mind may think it's fooling you with an act, the person really does have to believe it deep down (really deep down), or otherwise the body language and intonation of the voice will give it away. Most people with some spiritual insight could 'fake' worship of God, merely because the frenzy of evangelical worship is built up over time and usually takes on predictable type forms or expected types of behaviour. 

The Joy of Satan Ministries

The Joy of Satan Ministries (aka JOS) is a 'cult' dedicated to 'Spiritual Satanism', created by Maxine Dietrich. She is married to Clifford Herrington, the ex-president of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) in the USA. Some regard it as an inverted form of Christianity or Devil Worship, with the ancient Sumerian deity Enki regarded as the true creator God, i.e. Satan or Lucifer, Jehovah being a fictitious entity; the ideology confusing deities and demons as being the same. However, some might say it was similar to Christianity in some senses with creator God worship, and its associations with the largely Christian NSM. It is anti-Catholic as one would expect. It is widely accused of anti-semitism and of being a cult. Most Satanists are said to hate the organisation. The organisation started off as far as I am aware as a Spiritual Satanist organisation, dedicated to Buddhist influenced Theistic Satanism. I am informed by an associate of his that Maxine Dietrich was once a student of Nate Laved and his Seven Scrolls of the Black Rose. It was only later that the far right influence pervaded the organisation. Today, whilst not all members are far right extremists, one could say that a general negative attitude towards Jews exists, for cultural or spiritual reasons, or otherwise. It is likely there are parallels to the ONA's distaste for the 'Magian', and some might say parallels between the WSA352 and the JOS in theological terms. The Old Gods, as defined by the JOS, are extra-terrestrials (i.e. aliens). The JOS seems to use Enki, Satan and Lucifer interchangeably from what I can gather.


It is hosted on Angelfire:


Whilst not openly Neo-Nazi, it does contain a number of links to an openly Neo-Nazi Satanist web site 666blacksun.com. These links are not all from the links page but are found on the main JOS home page, e.g. Satanic Symbols. The 666 Black Sun web site contains links to the JOS web site, and has a page written by the JOS High Priestess Maxine Dietrich, so one can assume the two sites are directly affiliated, perhaps the JOS site being the more politically correct version and the 666 Black Sun site being more blatant and open in its ideology. Funnily enough on the JOS web site link page, there is a link to 'Afro American Satanism'.


The Satanic Symbols page, hosted on the openly Neo-Nazi Satanist web site 666 Black Sun, includes a Skull and Cross Bones, very similar to the Nazi SS version, an inverted pentagram with a lightning bolt (c/f SS), A Germanic Iron Cross and also the Black Sun symbol.


The 666 Black Sun (shortened to 666 BS?!) web site's home page features a picture of Heinrich Himmler, who is cited as being the the 'Satanic Coven Grand Master'.

'Satan is the God of the Gentiles (non-Jews), though he does not turn individuals away who are loyal to him; Yaweh's chosen are deeply hated and are cosmic enemies. All of the Demons are Gentile Gods.'

The web site features direct quotes from 'Satan' (!). Many critics accuse 'conspiracy theorists' of being anti-Jewish, and indeed, there is a bias towards anti-Catholicism and anti-Semitism in certain quarters, or rather, racists who use join the conspiracy theory 'scene', but this is not of course always the case. However, the 666 Black Sun web site features a strong anti-Semitic version of the NWO conspiracy theory.


It would appear that 666 Black Sun (and presumably JOS) are therefore not actually universally racially motivated, as Afro Americans seem to be accepted, but are just anti-semitic. As discussed on the Difference page in the psychology section, it is easy to confuse what the term 'Jew' actually means, as it is used to apply to members or a religion and a 'race' in different contexts. However, 666 BS's understanding of history and of the Nazis seems to be tenuous at best, denying the holocaust and assuming that their philosophy was similar to Himmler's. Himmler was probably more pragmatic than other Nazis, and did not appear to be so bothered about the exact workings and exact implementation of the Final Solution. The Nazis were pro-'Aryan Germanic' and Hitler himself detested Negros. The Nazis did not just seek to rid Germany of Judaic influence as the 666 BS web site puts it, but imprisoned, enslaved and executed many other groups, including other non-'Aryans', Gypsies, political activists, handicapped, those with chronic illnesses and so on. The Nazis also persecuted Freemasonry, which 666 BS claims was Luciferian. 666 BS claims to be engaged in spiritual warfare against Christianity and Judaism, but is clearly missing out other monotheistic religions as it's 'enemies', like many Satanists tend to do, like Islam and Sikhism, for example. It should be noted that the Nazis were not on a spiritual crusade at all, to cleanse Germany of Christian and Judaic influence, but only of political threats, ideological threats, undesirables and any 'races' they did not like. To perceive this as a goal is not correct. Hitler himself used Christian rhetoric and was influnced by Aryan Christianity as well as Germanic nationalist philosophers of the 19th and early 20th Centuries. There were Christian Nazis who wished to persecute Jews because they were perceived as Christ killers. Everyone brought different reasons and motivations to the persecution table. Christians were tolerated as long as they were racist and nationalist. It should be noted that the Nazis persecuted Christianity and Freemasonry, because of their promotion of a universal brotherhood. This is discussed in more detail on the Mainstream Religions page. Perhaps Himmler is idolised as he was the leading Nazi most interested in occultism (and possibly least interest in the Final Solution - relatively speaking). There is clearly some major conceptual confusion here and gratuitous use of rose tinted spectales. You can't have your cake and eat it.

Critiques of the JOS can be found at the links below.



'Clifford Herrington...once made a speech about how the U.S.A. should be home only to "white European Christians!" Herrington was chairman of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), which, according to the Anti-Defamation League, was "America's Largest Neo-Nazi Group" as of June 2006.'

Maxine Dietrich is according to some sources the psuedonym of Andrea Herrington, the wife of Clifford Herrington, the ex-president of the National Socialist Movement. This appears to be widely believed in the occult community although I am uncertain as to whether it is actually true or not.


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